Cash Management

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Whether your company operates from a single location or multiple sites, Northeast Bank's Cash Management tools deliver financial solutions tailored to meet your unique business needs. Proactive and experienced, we will ensure you are utilizing the appropriate products and services to create efficiency and maximize cash flow. Available services include:

Cash Flow Management

  • Overnight Sweep Service - By linking your Operating Account to an Overnight Sweep Service, you can automatically transfer your excess funds to maximize earnings potential and stay liquid.
  • Line of Credit Sweep - Maximize cash and minimize interest expense by sweeping available funds from your Operating Account to your Line of Credit each business night. When cash is low, your operating account receives an automatic advance from your line. 
  • Dual Sweep - Sweep excess funds to either the Overnight Sweep Account or the Line of Credit, depending on cash position. This service is ideal for businesses with seasonal cash flows.
  • Large Deposit Protection - Your balances in excess of FDIC insurance limits can be protected through our partnership with Promontory Interfinancial Network. Multi-million dollar FDIC insurance is available for checking account customers.
  • Zero Balance Account - These offer you an easy and convenient way to automatically consolidate funds into one account that can then be used to fund disbursements or investments. 
  • Account Analysis - A monthly earnings credit is calculated based on the average monthly collected balance in your checking account(s) and can help offset or partially offset your service fees.

Payment Collection & Disbursement

  • Remote Deposit Capture - With RDC, you can use secure remote deposit capture technology (desktop scanner) to make deposits to your account from home or office.
  • Lockbox Services - Reduce the amount of time it takes for receivables to be credited to your account. Customer payments are directed to a designated post office box and promptly processed. Remittance advices, checks, envelopes and correspondence received are imaged so you can view them online.
  • ACH Processing - Take advantage of the latest technology to improve how you collect and disburse funds. With next-day settlement, our ACH service allows you to collect funds and make payments electronically, saving time, money and improving the accuracy of your payments.

Depository Services

  • Armored Car Service - Daily, weekly, or at the frequency of your choice, an armored car will come to your location to pick up prepared deposits or deliver cash.
  • Cash Concentration - Make deposits at the bank most convenient to you and transfer funds electronically to a central account, using Northeast Business Online Banking.

Business Online Banking & Bill Pay

Get your current balances and latest transactions anytime day or night with Northeast Online. Enhance your online banking service with Automated Clearing House (ACH) & Wire services to make or collect payments in the most efficient manner possible.

For smaller businesses, add Northeast Bill Pay and never have to use checks, envelopes or stamps again. Northeast Bill Pay is the easiest and fastest way to pay creditors, vendors or just about anyone in the U.S. Learn more.

Additional services to manage and access your funds more easily

Cash Management