Based in Boston, the Loan Acquisition & Servicing Group actively seeks opportunities to acquire commercial whole loans on the secondary market, form strategic partnerships, and provide comprehensive loan servicing for third parties. Our assembled group of seasoned professionals has been active in the loan acquisition and servicing business since the early 1990s and includes a team with unparalleled experience in the industry. What sets Northeast Bank apart is our depth of expertise in credit, real estate, and legal analysis, as well as our extensive experience managing a broad range of assets, nationwide.


The Loan Acquisition & Servicing Group has honed its approach through decades of experience purchasing and servicing commercial loans. Our team:

  • Employs fundamental credit and collateral analysis to uncover value and quantify risk
  • Thinks long-term, recognizing opportunity in out-of-favor asset classes and is uninfluenced by short-term market fluctuations
  • Structures transactions to meet the needs of both buyer and seller
  • Collaborates with value-add, third-party partners that are the best in the industry or sector
  • Values long-term relationships with counterparties over a single transaction
  • Moves quickly and confidentially