Loan Servicing


Northeast Bank actively seeks opportunities to form strategic partnerships with other institutions, whether as a co-investor, a servicer, or both.  The Loan Acquisition & Servicing Group has the ability and expertise to underwrite and service commercial loans in all performance categories, with a view toward maximizing value and mitigating risk. Our asset managers take a pro-active approach to monitor portfolio performance, and work effectively with borrowers to ensure loan fulfillment.

Our team has extensive experience with all aspects of asset management, across most loan and collateral categories. With experience managing thousands of loans in most asset classes and in every state, our team can ensure comprehensive, sophisticated analysis and management.

In addition to a world-class asset management team, we also provide a loan servicing platform capable of handling a wide variety of volume and loan types. From loan boarding and billing services, to sophisticated portfolio accounting, our partners can be assured that they are receiving the best service available, on both the loan and portfolio level.