Loan Acquisitions


The Loan Acquisition & Servicing Group purchases loans, both individually and in portfolios, secured by commercial real estate or business assets throughout the United States. We source our acquisitions from a variety of US and international sellers, including banks, insurance companies, investment funds, government entities and third-party advisors, and have experience across all asset types and classes.

In addition to whole loan opportunities, we also consider participations and structured transactions. Indeed, our in-house expertise and experience affords us the confidence and flexibility to consider a wide variety of loan types and deal structures.

Because we perform all of our due diligence in house, we are able to assess all aspects of a loan portfolio, quickly and accurately, and provide prompt feedback to sellers. From a thorough credit review, to legal analysis and collateral valuations, our team of seasoned professionals can complete accurate loan underwriting and pricing before most buyers have received their BPOs back.