Mortgage Refinancing

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$750 off closing costs with any mortgage program

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If current mortgage interest rates are more than 1% lower than your existing mortgage rate, refinancing may save you money—both on your monthly payment and on the long term cost of your loan.

You can roll closing costs right into your new loan amount, so you'll pay nothing out-of-pocket at the loan closing. Looking to get money out of your home and into your pocket? Consider a cash-out refinance! Contact one of our lenders today to get started.


Mortgage loans are available to qualified applicants looking to purchase an owner-occupied primary residence who meet the Bank’s current loan guidelines for owner-occupied residential properties in New England. Available for loans up to $453,100.00. For loans with less than a 20% down payment, escrow for taxes and property insurance is required (including flood insurance, if applicable). Additional restrictions may apply. See tax advisor regarding deductibility of interest and charges.