Heroes Advantage Mortgage Program

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The mortgage loan with a $750 "thank you" for our heroes*

If you're a "hometown hero" seeking to purchase a home, you could qualify for $750 in closing cost discounts. For information on whether you qualify, talk to one of our loan officers today.

Heroes who qualify*

  • Educators
  • Law Enforcement Officers
  • Firefighters
  • Healthcare Workers
  • Military Personnel

See the difference Northeast Bank can make

  • Fast, easy application process
  • Local processing and underwriting
  • Knowledgeable lending team that meets on your terms


* Educators: A certified K-12 teacher or administrator in a state-recognized private or public school.

Law Enforcement Officers and Firefighters: An employee of a law enforcement agency or fire department administered by an agency or subdivision of a state or local government; or a sworn law enforcement officer responsible for crime prevention and detection, law enforcement, or criminal incarceration; or a sworn member of a fire department involved in fire suppression or prevention, emergency medical response, hazardous materials incident response, or management/response to terrorism.

Healthcare Workers: A certified, accredited, or licensed health care worker who is a medical resident or fellow; a nurse, nursing assistant, pharmacist, pharmacy technician, physician's assistant, or medical technician, technologist or therapist.

Military Personnel: A member of the United States Armed Forces who is on full-time active duty; a member of a reserve component of the United States Armed Forces or a former member of the United States Armed Forces or of a reserve component of the United States Armed Forces who has received an Honorable discharge.

Mortgage loans are available to qualified applicants looking to purchase an owner-occupied primary residence who meet the Bank's current loan guidelines for owner-occupied residential properties in New England. Available for loans up to $453,100.00. For loans with less than a 20% down payment, escrow for taxes and property insurance is required (including flood insurance, if applicable). Additional restrictions may apply. See tax advisor regarding deductibility of interest and charges.